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Mission and values

At Halifax State School we value the following:

  • The social, emotional, physical, ethical and academic development of the child.
  • Individual and cultural differences.
  • Programs that cater for individuals, making the best use of educational expertise and educational trends.
  • Quality communication and interaction between student, parent/care giver and teachers.
  • A smooth transition from pre-school to primary to secondary school.
  • Opportunities for teachers to develop professional expertise.

These values are based on the following beliefs:

  1. The child, rather than the subject, is the first and constant concern of the teachers at this school.
  2. The child will be stimulated and encouraged to learn, by undertaking tasks leading to the development of independent, reliable judgement and initiative.
  3. Through the guidance and example of the teachers, the children will learn to co-operate with peers and adults, to lead and to follow and to work as a member of a team. They will discover and respect the abilities and differences of others and develop an understanding and tolerance, which will allow them to lead their lives harmoniously and function in our society.
  4. A sense of belonging to the school is fostered by the wearing of the school uniform through encouraging the children to care for their school and by participation in community activities.
  5. All children will be stimulated to reach their full intellectual development and to acquire the skills of communication, speaking, listening, reading, writing and numeracy. They should develop thinking skills, powers of critical judgement and skills to cope in a changing society.
  6. The children will be encouraged to participate in sporting and cultural activities.
  7. The teachers will strive to make their discipline as positive and formative as possible rather than suppressive.
  8. The teachers will draw on the resources of the community by taking the children into the community and bringing the community into the classroom. The school will be considered "open" to the parents, leading to a greater understanding by all stakeholders.
  9. The importance of learning technology in the teaching and learning process is recognised.
  10. The principles of effective learning and teaching and an inclusive curriculum are practised.

Our vision is excellence in education, achieved through:

  • Excellence in learning and teaching.
  • A respected curriculum.
  • Fair and equitable practices.
  • Embedding social outcomes within the curriculum framework.
  • Productive partnerships.
  • Responsible school management.
  • Responsible and helpful strategic management.